apartment refrigeratorAn apartment refrigerator

You are just entering a new home, and you need to buy all the appliance. One of the most expensive items you need  to buy is an apartment refrigerator. It is important to choose a refrigerator with appropriate capacity and the highest level of comfort you can afford, and not to buy the first one you find.

Basically, all the Refrigerators are divided into three main types depending on the location of the freezer. Here are the types:

Top Freezer Refrigerator
On average the less expensive of the three types. The  most common one with a large selection of sizes and capacity. The Maximum capacity of this type is  650 liters, small compared to the rest.

The advent of this type is that the top freezer is easy to access, but the other shelves, the bottom ones
are less convenient to reach.  Comparing to the other types, Its electricity consumption is the  lower of

Bottom Freezer Refrigerator
less common and costly from its former. Its Maximum capacity exceeding 700 liters. Large freezer capacity freezer on top. Cooling chamber easy to access, but it comes at the expense of ease of access to the freezer. Wide shelves can accommodate large items. High power his refrigerator with upper freezer door and a small refrigerator next door.

Side by side refrigerator

Great, precious and equipped of sorts. The average maximum capacity of its lies around 780 liters. Large Easy  access for  most of the shelves, but they are narrower.           Refrigerator occupies a large area, but thanks to its narrow doors is suitable for places that do not allow for the welfare of ordinary door. Power door next door refrigerator   is the highest of the three types.

So what factors do we need to consider when buying an apartment refrigerator?

First, it should accommodate our apartment.

To ensure that the fridge will fit into place to measure the intended niche, make sure that the door can be opened wide and consider the intensity of the noise produced by    a refrigerator.

Measure the designated place to the refrigerator and take into account a ventilation gap between 5 and 15 cm. Examined all make vehicle transport route, if necessary, select the option to dismantle the refrigerator door.

Make sure the refrigerator door wide open to a shelf can be retrieved easily. Some models can change the direction of the door opening.

Another factor we need to consider is the amount of noise the refrigerator produces.
If noise is an important consideration, you should keep the fridge with Noise level not to exceed 30 decibels (dB). Don’t forget that we will need to live everyday with this amount of noise.

Other factor that may seem minor on the beginning is the style of the refrigerator. How does it fit into our home?

For Additional cost you can choose the colors and refrigerator with different coatings. Today there is a design that called  “Half integral” when you paint the refrigerator in the same color of the kitchen cabinet and insert it into the cabinet so it looks like part of the cabinet.  In such a case we must allocate  a ventilation gap behind the refrigerator and cupboard above, or on the refrigerator to be equipped with front ventilation system to expel hot air.

Selecting a refrigerator is not easy, but when done right, we could enjoy it for long years. good luck!